IT30 Data Management Fire Standard


This Data Management Fire Standard document states how a fire and rescue service can deliver excellence to the public by maximising the value of good quality and reliable data. A 'good' FRS uses data to inform its key activities, contributing to a reduction in risk and improvements in community safety. Using insights from data, it makes evidence-based decisions, unlocking improved accessible ways of working and enabling employees to work effectively.

StayWise provides data to the service SPoC to enable the FRS to evidence their own effective use of data in targeting prevention activity in areas with a high risk.

How To Use

Fire and rescue services can consider the requirements of the Data Management Fire Standard when planning how to implement StayWise into prevention provision.

StayWise provides an opportunity to demonstrate the effective use of data to add efficiencies into service activity. 

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This item is only available to download for blue light users. Please contact your local service for support with this item.

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