IT11 User Journey Examples


This resource contains six possible user journey examples to demonstrate the application of StayWise.  The user journey's are outlined below:-

  • The Firefighter User Journey document sets out how delivering StayWise activities can provide evidence for the Operational Firefighter Apprenticeship.
  • The Watch User Journey document sets out how StayWise activities provide fun and measurable engagement activities to address local risk. 
  • The Station Plan User Journey document is an example of how StayWise resources can be used in response to a spate or spike in incidents in a station area.
  • The Head of Prevention User Journey document shows how StayWise resources can support the delivery of prevention targeted to risk, to address the aims of the CRMP.
  • The Station Open Day User Journey document explains how StayWise provides fun and accessible activities to support your community as part of a station open day.
  • The National Campaign User Journey describes the pre-selected bundles of activities available on StayWise to support national campaigns.

These documents set out an objective, provide a solution using StayWise and describes some key benefits. 

How To Use

Fire and rescue services can use these documents when planning how they will implement StayWise into their prevention practice. 

Download Planning Tool

This item is only available to download for blue light users. Please contact your local service for support with this item.

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