IT01 Project Management Overview


A project management tool to support the implementation of StayWise into fire and rescue services.

This spreadsheet is prepopulated with key tasks and follows the three phases of implementation as described in the Implementation Framework: establish, embed and evaluate. 

There are eight tabs in the document: instructions; a quick reference progress tracker; buy-in tasks; adoption tasks; delivery tasks; monitoring tasks; impact and analysis tasks and learning tasks. 

The spreadsheet is fully editable with space for FRSs to add any additional tasks they identify as part of their process. 

How To Use

The spreadsheet is designed to be used as a project management tracker and task list by FRSs implementing StayWise into their prevention practice. 

Six of the eight tabs are fully editable and have been pre-populated with key tasks. FRSs should record ratings for priority, impact and progress against the key tasks and any tasks they add themselves. There is space to assign tasks to individuals or teams, add dates for completion and actions or notes against each task. 

The progress record will update automatically on the dashboard tab to give a RAG (Red, Amber, Green) rating for progress against the tasks identified at each stage. 

Download Planning Tool

This item is only available to download for blue light users. Please contact your local service for support with this item.

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