IT20 Early Intervention Implementation Framework


It includes the framework gateway, the evidence base for early intervention work, planning tools, a Theory of Change narrative and rationale and advice on how to evaluate work with CYP. 

The Early Intervention Implementation Framework provides the UKFRS with clear guidance and a suite
of practical tools for strategic direction, implementation, monitoring and evaluation to deliver effective early
intervention programmes.

It sets out the National Fire Chiefs Council’s (NFCC) National Core Approach which reframes our existing early intervention provision to an evidence-based practice on “what works” and aligns our practice to meet Home Office priorities and statutory duties.

How To Use

The Early Intervention Implementation Framework document describes how FRSs can successfully deliver effective early intervention activities with CYP.

StayWise resources can support the effective delivery of early intervention programmes and so this document should be considered when planning how to implement StayWise into an FRS prevention practice. 

Download Planning Tool

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