Home Fire Safety Narrative


A mother's narrative of her experience of a fire in her house. She speaks of the devastation that it caused and how it could possibly have been avoided had she had smoke detectors in place. In the video, a representative from the local fire and rescue service speaks about the severity of the fire and the potential consequences of not having a working smoke alarm in your home.

How To Use

Play the video to demonstrate how quickly fire spreads in the home and the importance of having an early warning system, such as a working smoke detector in place.  This video is also linked to a lesson called 'Home Fire Safety (Narrative Story)' in which students are encouraged to use the film to write a story on the theme.  The presentation for the lesson is pinned to this resource and can be found by clicking on 'Resource 1' below.  A little further down the page you can also find the lesson plan to provide full details and a suggested teaching sequence.

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