Bedroom Fire Video


This short video shows a bedroom fire and demonstrates how quickly a fire can take hold and the amount of damage that can be done in such a short space of time.  This video focuses on fire hazards such as the charging of electronic devices and the overloading of extension leads and is designed as a tool to encourage discussions around fire hazards in the home and the steps which can be taken to prevent fires from happening.   

How To Use

WARNING!!  The content may be triggering for some pupils.  Enquire beforehand whether any pupil has been previously affected by fire either physically or emotionally, assess well-being of any affected individuals before playing the video.   When using this video, you may want to explain to your audience that the fire was a demonstration for educational purposes, it was not a real bedroom and no one was hurt or injured in the fire. 

Whilst this video can be used as a stand alone resource to introduce the topic of home fire safety and to initiate discussions about fire hazards in the home, this video can also be found embedded in the 'Fire Safety in the home - Bedroom Fire' presentation which provides a more rounded lesson and covers further topics such as the importance of smoke alarms and what people should do if there is a fire in the home.  This presentation has been linked below.  Detailed guidance of how to use this video can be found in the attached lesson plan.


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