Home Fire Safety (Narrative Story)


This lesson plan accompanies the 'Home Fire Safety (Narrative)' presentation which uses a real life scenario to help inspire and guide students to construct a narrative story about a house fire.  The lesson teaches the importance of having working smoke alarms in the home and explores some of the main causes of house fires.  This lesson is ideal for students to learn about creating a didactic narrative - a story to teach a moral lesson.

How To Use

This lesson plan can be used alongside the accompanying 'Home Fire Safety (Narrative)' presentation to deliver a lesson on writing a narrative. This presentation can be found linked below as 'Resource 1'.  Within this lesson, students are invited to watch a video of a news report of a victim of a house fire,  encourage the students to consider the people involved, how they felt during the incident and what adjectives and phrases could be used to describe them.  Once students have been reminded of the definition of a narrative and techniques used to compose one they can be challenged to write their own narrative story of a house fire. 

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