The Great Fire of London - London Gazette Extract


This extract from the London Gazette written at the time of the fire in 1666 will show the children how reports would have been written at that time. It gives details about how the fire was spreading and how people were reacting to the disaster.

How To Use

This resource is linked to 'The Great Fire of London - Reporting (Newspaper Article)' lesson and 'The Great Fire of London - Recording (Diary Entry)' lesson. This will give the children details about what it was like to actually be there and to see the drama unfolding. It can be used to inspire report writing and also to highlight the differences between London then and now.

There is a background information sheet linked below.  This can be found by clicking on 'Resource 1' and would be helpful in both the lessons listed above.

The lesson plans for the linked lessons can be found by scrolling slightly further down the page.

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