The Great Fire of London - Recording (Diary Entry)


This lesson and its fantastic resources will transport your class back to 1666. Can they put themselves in the middle of the event and imagine how it might have felt to see the events unfolding? They can study one of Samuel Pepys's diary entries and a newspaper report from the time, giving them a chance to read some first-hand experiences of the events.

How To Use

This is a lovely cross-curricular lesson that could provide an engaging stimulus to practise diary writing and report writing techniques. The lesson also exposes the children to the changes in the way we use the English language from past to present. Could be used as part of the Great Fire of London topic or as a history-based English lesson that will have the added bonus of reminding the children of such a significant event in our history.

The resources needed for the lesson can be found below.  Click on 'Resource 1' to find Samuel Pepys's diary entry and 'Resource 2' is the extract from The London Gazette from 1666.

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