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The Great Fire of London was a significant historical event that led to the creation of a fire service to help people.  This presentation looks at the basic firefighting equipment that the people of London in 1666 had available to them and compares it to the equipment that the fire service use today. It is an opportunity to look at this historical event at the same time as learning about the people who help us today in the emergency services.

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Detailed guidance on how to use this resource can be found in the accompanying 'Firefighting: Then and Now lesson plan'.  This can be found linked below.  This presentation could be used as part of a unit of work on The Great Fire of London and incorporates history learning with important PSHE learning about the fire service and how they keep us safe.  To extend the learning gained through the presentation,  the additional 'Firefighting: Then and Now Sorting Activity' will further develop the children's understanding of the different firefighting equipment that was used in 1666 and the modern equipment used today.  This sorting activity can be found linked below underneath the 'Download Resource' function.

Resource 1 - Firefighting: Then and Now - Sorting Activity

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