The Great Fire of London - Reporting (Newspaper Article)


This lesson provides an excellent opportunity to provide a real life event to inspire report writing. The children can analyse a newspaper report from 1666 and then use the information in the article, along with background knowledge, to write their own newspaper report.

How To Use

Engaging the children with this significant historical event will help to motivate them to write newspaper reports. Using their knowledge of the Great Fire of London and their English report writing skills they are challenged to write their own newspaper report detailing the events of this disaster.

In the lesson plan, there are some other resources listed that are needed for the lesson.  The background information sheet can be found by clicking on 'Resource 1' below. 

'Resource 2' is the London Gazette extract for analysis.

Click on 'Resource 3' to find a powerpoint that goes through the timeline of events during the incident.

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