Grace Darling


This topic pack is designed to support Lower Primary teachers in delivering a history unit based around the life of the Victorian heroine, Grace Darling. The unit is based on the lives of famous people, but the historical learning could be adapted to other contexts as appropriate. The purpose of the pack is to provide a unique insight into the personal life of Grace Darling to give pupils a greater understanding of her background, putting the events of the rescue of the passengers of the Forfarshire into context. There are six lessons within this bundle, to immerse the children in the life of this signinficant heroic female from the past.

How To Use

This bundle can be used within history lessons to teach the children about a significant female from the past. It links effectively with learning about Victorian times and through discovering details about Gace's life, the children will learn a lot about what life was like in this era in history. There are also many links to the English curriculum with several of the lessons providing writing opportunities and the chance for some oracy work through role-play.