Fire Safety Code Buster (Stop, Drop and Roll)


Challenge children to crack the code and reveal the hidden fire safety message.  This engaging code buster activity provides children with the opportunity to practise their number recognition and counting skills  as well as utilising their reading skills.  The hidden safety message within this activity is a great way of reminding children of what they need to if their clothes catch fire.

How To Use

In this activity, each number represents a letter, match each number to the letter in the code bar to crack the code and discover the important safety message.   This resource links to the PSHE 'Keeping safe' unit of work and would be a great addition to the animated 'Bitesize Video - Stop, Drop and Roll' in which Firefighter Jack explains the Stop, Drop and Roll technique.   The video also has an accompanying lesson plan which provides details on how to develop a short practical lesson that encourages the children to practise the 'Stop, Drop and Roll' technique together.  Both the Bitesize Video and the accompanying lesson plan can be found linked below.   For those children who need a further challenge, they may want to try out the 'Maths Code Breaker - Dial Stop, Drop, Roll' resource which is pinned below as 'Resource 1'.

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