Fire Safety Code Buster (Hoax calls)


Challenge children to crack the code and reveal the hidden fire safety message.  This engaging code buster activity provides children with the opportunity to practise their number recognition and counting skills as well as utilising their reading skills.  The hidden safety message within this activity is a great way of reminding children that they should never ring 999 unless it is a real emergency.

How To Use

In this activity, each number represents a letter, match each number to the letter in the code bar to crack the code and discover the important safety message.   This resource links to the PSHE 'Keeping safe' unit of work and can be used to support learning about the consequences of making a hoax call to the emergency services.  Please note that many children may not have heard the term 'hoax call' before and may instead know it as a 'prank call' or a 'fake call' for example, so it is important to explain what a hoax call is, before discussing the consequences. The hidden message could also be used as a stimulus for discussions around situations when it is appropriate to call 999 and when it is not. For those children who need a further challenge, they may want to try out the 'Maths Code Breaker - Hoax Calls' resource which is pinned below as 'Resource 1'.

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