Describing London During the Fire - Senses worksheet


The events in London in 1666 resulted in the formation of the fire service that we know today. The Great Fire of London taught us many lessons about fire safety and is a real example of how quickly fire can spread. London was very different in those times and this allowed the fire to cause so much damage. This lesson focuses on London in 1666 and particularly during the Great Fire. What was it like when the fire was raging through the city? Using their senses the children will describe what they imagine it would have been like to experience the fire.

How To Use

Children will be expected to imagine the sights, sounds, smells and feeling of London at the time of the fire. They will be expected to write a description using well-structured sentences and adjectives to describe. They will be exceeding expectations if they can develop their language choices and punctuation to create a full description using all their senses and understand why the fire started and spread so quickly.

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