Water Safety Film - Module 1


This water safety film is the first of three modules. These films have been created to educate young people about the dangers of different water features and hydraulics, show people what to look out for and how to deal with certain situations. This module discusses the natural and manmade hazards people may encounter when near open water and looks at waterfalls, stepping stones, weirs, culverts and bridges.

How To Use

Please refer to the accompanying lesson plan and presenter guidance notes for detailed information on how to use this film. This film can be used with a water flume if available to display the different water hazards that people may see wilst near open water or it can be used as a stand alone video to display the different natural and manmade water hazards.

Presenter guidance can be found by clicking on 'Resource 1' below and the lesson plan is displayed under the heading 'Appears in these lesson plans'.

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