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The Mini-Policing scheme was developed to improve the relationship between young people and the police. The scheme consists of a series of sessions covering a wide range of issues that young people will face in their lives. The sessions have been designed to share with upper KS2 children, who will already have encountered some of the issues covered and will be forced to face many more as they move into secondary school and beyond. Along with educating the children, the sessions have also been designed to show the children that the police are there to help them if they find themselves in a difficult situation. This session would be most useful for a police representative to begin to build a relationship with the children that they will be working with for the rest of the scheme.

How To Use

The Mini-Policing scheme is a fantastic series of lessons designed to educate Year 5 and 6 children about the police and their role. This is the introductory session to explain the scheme to the children and to set the scene for the sessions that follow. In this session the children can have a go at interviewing each other and trying to find out information about other children in their class.

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