Mini-Policing (All About Me)


This is the first session of the Mini-Policing scheme that has been developed to educate Yr. 5 and 6 children about the role of the police and address many of the crimes that young people may find themselves becoming involved with. It is important that young people are aware of the age of criminal responsibility and the type of behaviour that will lead them into trouble. The scheme has been designed to reassure the children that the police are also there to help them if they find themselves becoming involved in issues beyond their control. The scheme can be delivered by the class teacher or a police representative and this session, in particular, would be most useful to a police representative to begin to build a relationship with the children who are participating in the scheme.

How To Use

Use this first session as an introduction to the scheme. Although the scheme is designed so it can be delivered by the class teacher or a police representative, this session would be most useful to a visiting police representative to introduce themselves and get to know the class that they will be working with. This session shows the children what the Mini-Police is all about and what the scheme will involve over the coming lessons. The children will have a chance to practise interviewing their friends and thinking about why and how the police interview people to find out more information.

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