Maths Code Breaker - Press to Test Smoke Alarms


Can you crack the code? Find the answers to the maths questions, use the answer to find the matching letter and spell out a safety message. A great activity to practise maths skills and learn about what to do in an emergency.

How To Use

Encourage children to engage in their maths learning with this fun cross-curricular activity.  Children need to solve the calculations and and once they know the answer, find the letter in the code.  Once all letters have been found, the hidden message will be revealed.  This resource links to the PSHE 'Keeping safe' unit of work and can be used to support learning about the importance of smoke alarms.  When the hidden message is revealed, it could also provide a stimulus for discussions about fire safety in the home and the steps we can take to help keep our families safe from harm.  For those children who may find this activity too much of a challenge, they can still join in the code breaker fun by attempting the 'Fire Safety Code Buster (Test Your Smoke Alarm)' activity which is pinned below as 'Resource 1'.

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