Fire Safety


A presentation that accompanies the lesson on fire safety for KS3 students.  The lesson focuses on the fire triangle and how an understanding of the elements that fire needs to burn can help when looking at methods to extinguish a fire.  The lesson also goes into detail about how different fire extinguishers must be used for different types of fire.  There are opportunities in the lesson to use live science demonstrations to illustrate different aspects of the learning.

How To Use

Use this presentation alongside the lesson plan and other resources available to deliver a cross-curricular PSHE/science session.  The aim of the session is for students to gain a deeper understanding of the science of combustion and use this to consider appropriate safety precautions for different types of fires.

'Resource 1' below is the information sheet about fire extinguishers that is mentioned in the presentation and will allow the students to complete the main task in the lesson.  The lesson plan can also be found slightly further down the page.

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