Dangers in the Bedroom


Fires in the home are often caused by unsafe household items or using them inappropriately.  Being able to identify hazards in the home can help to keep children and their families safe.  This activity features a bedroom scene with eight fire hazards and also an answer sheet to enable the person delivering the activity to assist with any questions regarding the hazards.  This resource fits within the PSHE 'Keeping Safe' unit of work.

How To Use

Challenge the children to identify the eight hazards within this bedroom scene.  Can they relate any of the hazards to their own bedrooms or homes?

This activity can be used as a preliminary resource to initiate discussion and evaluate children's initial understanding around fire hazards in the home, prior to embarking on a fire safety topic.  For older children, it would be a perfect tool to use prior to delivering the 'Fire Safety in the Home - Bedroom Fire' lesson, so that understanding and awareness can be assessed both before and after the lesson. 

This resource can also be used at the end of a topic to consolidate learning and as an evaluation of what they have learnt.  For younger children this resource could follow on from the interactive 'Hazard Detectives' game or the 'Hazard Pairs' game, to establish their understanding of hazards gained from playing these games.

The 'Fire Safety in the Home - Bedroom Fire' presentation, the 'Hazard Detectives' game and the 'Hazard Pairs' game can be found linked below as related resources.

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