Bernie Bear - Escape Plan Code Buster


Bernie Bear has an important message to share.   Challenge children to crack the code and reveal the hidden fire safety message.  This enagaging code buster activity provides children with the opportunity to practise their number recognition and counting skills  as well as utilising their reading skills.  This resource links to the PSHE 'keeping safe' unit of work and the hidden safety message within this activity is a great way to support learning about the importance of fire escape plans with children.

How To Use

In this activity, each number represents a letter, match each number to the letter in the code bar to crack the code and discover the important safety message.  When the hidden message is revealed, it could also provide a stimulus for discussions about fire safety in the home and the steps we can take to help keep the people we live with safe from harm.  Extend this activity by encouraging the children to design their own escape plan from their homes and discuss the importance of sharing their escape plans with the people they live with and practising their escape regularly.   The 'Know Your Way Out' story book which is linked as a related resource below, would be an excellent resource to extend this learning further.   Children could also be encouraged to think about where else it is important to have an escape plan and their enquiry skills could be further challenged by exploring the school escape plan more closely.

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