The Importance of Smoke Alarms


A Personal Social Health and Economic (PSHE) lesson which discusses the importance of having working smoke alarms within the home. This lesson plan provides delivery guidance for the presentation 'The importance of Smoke Alarms' which is pinned to this plan. Smoke generated by fire can kill people and can be just as dangerous – and in some cases even more dangerous – than fire itself. Smoke alarms give a vital early warning that there is a fire in the home, and it is this early warning which will give people the chance to escape their homes quickly and safely and to call the emergency services. The presentation looks at where smoke alarms should be positioned within the home, how to test and maintain them and what to do if there are no working smoke alarms within the home.

How To Use

This lesson plan is to be used as guidance for the delivery of 'The importance of Smoke Alarms' presentation. The presentation can be used as a stand alone resource or it can be used in addition to other related home fire safety resources.

The presentation can be found by clicking on 'Resource 1' below.  'Resource 2' is the smoke alarm floor plan worksheet and 'Resource 3' is the smoke alarm testing record sheet. Both of the these worksheets can be used as part of the lesson and are included in the lesson plan.

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