Know Your Way Out (Reading and Sequencing)


This lesson plan contains details needed to support the delivery of an English comprehension lesson based on the story 'Know Your Way Out'. Use the book and the storyboard sequencing resources linked to this lesson plan to encourage the children to listen to the story and use their understanding to storyboard the key events. Along with working on reading comprehension, the more able writers can be challenged to write down the key events to match the pictures in the storyboard. The children will also be learning important lessons about staying safe at home in the event of a fire.

How To Use

Linked to this lesson plan are the narrative and support notes that will provide further detail on how to extract detail and understanding from the text when delivering this lesson to the children.

'Resource 1' below is the sequencing actvitiy sheets needed for the lesson amd 'Resource 2' is the story in printable version.

Explore the related resources below to find many other resources and activities linked to this story.

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