DriveFit Intervention Programme (Online Voting Adaptation)


The DriveFit intervention programme has been developed to educate young drivers by challenging their attitudes and driving behaviours. Within this lesson plan and linked resources, you will find all the necessary tools needed to deliver the DriveFit intervention effectively. This lesson plan includes guidance on how to use Mentimeter - an online voting tool - which has been incorporated into the session to make the experience more interactive for the participants.

DriveFit has been developed through a comprehensive research programme. More information about the study and its findings can be accessed on the RAC Foundation website.

How To Use

There are two versions of the lesson plan for the DriveFit intervention prgramme, use this version if you would like to use an online voting tool called Mentimeter as part of the session. This tool will log the participant's responses to particular questions and display the data clearly to increase interactivity in the session. 

The user will need to set up the Mentimeter slides prior to the session, suggested slides are included for your support in this process within this lesson plan document. Once slides are created they can be inserted into the accompanying presentation. 

You can find the five sections of the film by clicking on 'Resource 1' to 'Resource 5' below.  There is also a presentation containing the slides for the workshop section of the programme, which you can find under 'Resource 6'.

Other supporting materials, including a notebook, postcard and a guide to developing safe driving plans can be found under 'Related Resources'.

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