DriveFit Intervention Programme


The DriveFit intervention programme has been developed to educate young drivers by challenging their attitudes and driving behaviours. Whether you are an educator, a road safety professional or an organisation seeking to make a positive difference, this lesson plan and linked resources will equip you with the necessary tools to deliver the DriveFit intervention effectively.

DriveFit has been developed through a comprehensive research programme. More information about the study and its findings can be accessed on the RAC Foundation website.

How To Use

This lesson is broken into two stages. The first requires participants to watch a video (split into 5 sections), then they take part in a workshop to allow them to analyse and discuss the dangers that they may face while driving and consider actions that they can take to stay safe. Use this lesson plan to follow the suggested teaching sequence for this session.

You can find the five sections of the film by clicking on 'Resource 1' to 'Resource 5' below.  There is also a presentation containing the slides for the workshop section of the programme, which you can find under 'Resource 6'.

Other supporting materials, including a notebook, postcard and a guide to developing safe driving plans can be found under 'Related Resources'.

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