Fire Escape Interactive Game


This interactive game allows participants to carry out a virtual night-time routine, identifying potential hazards and good fire prevention practice as they move throughout a house from the ground floor and upstairs to the bedroom. Game play allows participants to see how well they have done in the identification process as it plays backwards from the bedroom and out of the front door after a smoke alarm sounds. Points are awarded for identified items or deducted for missed items. The game describes good practice and fire safety messages during the play back to consolidate learning and enable players to put their knowledge into practice within their own settings.

A night-time routine is an important part of home fire safety and in supporting families to stay safe and to get out, stay out and call 999 in the event of an emergency. This interactive resource can be used individually, in small groups or as a whole class discussion. Learning can be extended using the linked resources below. Use this game with the linked Fire Escape Interactive Game lesson plan below.

How To Use

Players move through four areas of a house selecting items identified as a hazard in a virtual night-time routine. Once selected, items display in a blue box. Items are deselected by clicking again. Each of the four rooms of the house has 360-degree animation, players should look around a room using a mouse. Players are prompted to the number of items to identify. Some items may repeat in a room or throughout the house. Once all four rooms have been visited, a smoke alarm will sound to indicate a need to leave the property. Play will show in reverse with fire safety advice. If players have successfully identified an item, the advice will be displayed in a box with a green tick and points will be awarded. If an item has not been successfully identified, the fire safety advice will display in a box with a red cross with points deducted. A final screen shows overall point totals and highlights each of the items associated with each room. Use this final page to promote discussion and check learning.

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This item is only available to download for blue light users. Please contact your local service for support with this item.

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