The Impact of Wildfires


A Personal Health Social and Economic (PSHE) lesson which explores the impact wildfires can have to humans, wildlife, the environment and the emergency services. During the session pupils will gain an awareness of wildfires and will develop an understanding of how wildfires can be prevented. By the end of the session pupils will be aware that starting wildfires deliberately is Arson and is a serious criminal offence. This is a discussion-based lesson which will give pupils the opportunity to ask questions and offer their opinions.

How To Use

Prior to the lesson, it would be beneficial to note places within the local area which may have been impacted by Wildfires. Knowledge of the impact this had on humans, wildlife, the environment and the emergency services would help pupils to understand that these types of fires can and do affect their own communities. The lesson plan that can be found below, gives details about how to use this presentation to deliver this lesson effectively.

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