The Fire Triangle Practical


Fire needs three important elements to stay alight. This lesson shows the children how the fire triangle displays these three things clearly and helps us remember them. The lesson can be delivered as a practical session and this presentation includes the information needed for pupils to experiment for themselves by removing each of the three elements from a flame to see what happens. Alternatively, the teacher could demonstrate with a live practical or there are videos available on the PowerPoint presentation that can be used instead. The lesson then analyses the practical applications of this knowledge in modern firefighting.

How To Use

By the end of the lesson children should be able to explain the three things a fire needs to burn and how removing any of the three things will extinguish a fire. They will be exceeding expectations if they can apply this knowledge to explain how to put out fires using different methods and equipment.  The other resources needed for this lesson can all be found below.  'Resource 1' is a worksheet for recording observations from the practical and 'Resource 2 and 3' are worksheets for the students to complete after the practical work.

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