The Fire Triangle Worksheet


As part of the lesson all about the fire triangle, ask the children to complete this worksheet to encourage them to think about applying their learning to different scenarios.  How can knowledge of the three elements needed for a fire be used to extinguish fires or prevent fires from spreading?  There is a more challenging worksheet also available.

How To Use

Use this worksheet as part of 'The Fire Triangle' lesson.  Once the children have learnt about the three elements needed for a fire, this worksheet will encourage them to apply their learning to real-life scenarios.  As part of the lesson there are other resources needed; they can all be found below.  Click on 'Resource 1' to find a presentation for the lesson and click on 'Resource 2' for a presentation that includes a practical element if the children are going to be carrying out the practical themselves.  'Resource 3' is the more challenging worksheet option and 'Resource 4' is a recording sheet for the practical work if needed.  The lesson plan can be found slightly further down the page.

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