Safety Seymour Video - Episode 1, What is CO?


This is the first episode in a series of videos all about carbon monoxide. In this episode, Safety Seymour (a superhero bear on a mission to teach the world about CO) introduces the children to carbon monoxide. He explains that it is an invisible danger that we should all be aware of.

How To Use

This series of videos can be used in PSHE lessons, as part of a PSHE day or even in assemblies to teach KS2 children all about carbon monoxide. The activities plan linked to the videos gives details about how you could use the videos, combined with the available resources, to structure sessions dedicated to this theme. The activities also cover art and science curriculum objectives to provide cross curricular learining opportunities.

To find the next 3 videos in the series click on 'Resource 1,2 and 3' below.  The other videos cover: where to find CO, how to stay safe at home and the symptoms of CO poisoning.

The lesson plan and linked activities can be found further down the page.

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