Firefighting: Then and Now -Sorting Activity


The Great Fire of London was a significant historical event that led to the creation of a fire service to help people.  This sorting activity aims to develop children's understanding of the basic firefighting equipment that the people of London in 1666 had available to them in comparison to the equipment that the fire service use today.  It is an opportunity to look at this historical event at the same time as learning about the people who help us today in the emergency services.  

How To Use

Detailed guidance on how to use this resource can be found in the accompanying 'Firefighting: Then and Now lesson plan'.  This can be found linked below.   This sorting activity provides an opportunity to extend and consolidate the learning gained from the 'Firefighting: Then and Now Presentation' which can also be found linked below underneath the 'Download Resource' function as 'Resource 1'.  

There are 3 levels of challenge available to allow the children to participate in the activity at an appropriate level.  All challenges task the children to:-

  • Decide if the pictures below are showing equipment that was used in 1666 or equipment that is used today
  • Cut out and stick the pictures into the correct column on the sheet.
  • Answer this question and explain their answers – Was fire safety better in 1666 or now? Why? 

This sorting activity can be used as the main task for the Firefighting Then and Now lesson which engages the children in cross-curricular History and PSHE learning.

Resource 1 - Firefighting: Then and Now - Presentation

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