DriveFit Intervention Film (Part Four) - Managing Fatigue


The DriveFit intervention film features interviews with a variety of guest speakers who each discuss a different issue that young drivers may face.  There are five parts which make up the complete intervention film; this is part four, featuring Dr Ashleigh Filtness who discusses sleepiness in young drivers and how to manage fatigue.

How To Use

Use this video, along with the other 4 parts, to deliver the complete DriveFit intervention film.  The film should be followed by the DriveFit workshop session to complete the programme aimed at 16 to 18-year-olds.  The intention is to challenge their attitudes and driving behaviour resulting in safer drivers and passengers.

The first three parts and the fifth and final part of the film can be found linked below under 'Resource 1' to 'Resource 4'.

The workshop slides, lesson plans and other resources for delivering the programme can all be located in the lesson bundle below.

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