Do You Know Your Address?


This activity encourages children to learn their address which is really important to know should they ever need to call 999 in an emergency situation.  This is a great activity to teach key PSHE 'keeping safe' objectives whilst giving the opportunity to practise memory recall and writing skills.

How To Use

Prepare the children for this activity, by asking them to find out their home address before the lesson.  During the activity, the children can practice writing and reciting their own address.  This activity could be use in conjunction with 'The Birthday Cake Mistake' story and a focus could be put on the part of the story in which the children have to call for help, this will provide an opportuntity for a discussion around the important details to remember if they need to call 999.  Detailed guidance on using this resource alongside the story can be found in the related lesson plan 'The Birthday Cake Mistake (Know Your Address)' which is linked below.  This resource could also be used alongside the '999 Role Play' activity which provides children with the opportunity to practise what information they need to give during a 999 call.  These additional resources can be found linked below underneath 'Download Resource'.

Resource 1:- The Birthday Cake Mistake - Story

Resource 2:- 999 Role Play

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