Describing Fire Presentation


Whether you are looking for a creative PSHE lesson or for a descriptive writing opportunity, this lesson is perfect. It focuses on children's understanding of fire and encourages them to think of the uses of fire, along with the dangers. Through discussion and reflection on personal experiences, the children can use adjectives to describe fire before challenging them to write a full sentence incorporating the adjective.  It is a great opportunity to incorporate creative writing into PSHE work. 

How To Use

Detailed guidance on how to use this presentation to deliver a lesson focusing on describing fire can be found in the accompanying lesson plan linked below.  The 'Describing Fire - Word Bank' which is linked to this lesson, can be used to provide an initial word vocabulary for children.  This can be found underneath the 'Download Resource' section below listed as 'Resource 1'.  This resource could add more cross-curricular opportunities into a PSHE unit of work or be used as an English lesson to develop descriptive writing and use of adjectives.

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