999 Role play


Calling 999 in an emergency may feel quite daunting at first but this role play activitiy will help you to understand the process of a 999 call and what questions the emergency services call operator may ask.  Knowing what information is required by the operator is very important as it can assist them in establishing where you are, what the emergency is and get help to you as quickly as possible. This activity may help to alleviate anxieties around making a 999 call and make people feel confident in making the call in the event of a real emergency.

How To Use

This role-play activity can be used as part of a PSHE session or it could make a great addition to the Drama strand of a Literacy lesson. Working in pairs, the pupils can take turns at being the call operator and the caller, it will be beneficial to discuss with the pupils beforehand about the information they need to give and the types of emergencies that would require them to make a 999 call. It is important to discuss with the pupils the importance of only calling 999 in a real emergency and the possible consequences of making a hoax call to the emergency services. This resource can be used as a stand alone activity or it could be used as a follow up activity to a fire safety topic.

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