Water Safety Passport EYFS/KS1


The RNLI Water Safety Passport is all about being safe and having fun around water. Children are encouraged to collect virtual stamps as they gather important water safety knowledge based on the RNLI’s four key messages; Stop and think, Stay together, Float and Call 999/112. As each activity is completed, a new stamp is displayed. Upon completion of all activities, passport certificates can be personalised for each child, printed out and sent home with children as a record of their achievement.

How To Use

The learning objective of this session is for the children to understand the four key water-safety messages (Stop and Think, Stay Together, Float, Call 999/112). The main messages are conveyed through a story which encourages the children to practise their listening and comprehension skills.

Click on 'Resource 1' below to find the interactive presentation that accompanies this session.  'Resource 2' is the story script to support delivery of the story element of the session.  'Resource 3' is the interactive 'Spot the Dangers' posters that you may like to use as an addition resource and 'Resource 4' is the certificate to celebrate completing the session.

Download Lesson Plan

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