Sam's Sad Day


This lesson introduces the topic of wildfires to young children through the narrrated story 'Sam's Sad Day'. Sam is a small brown and green sand lizard who lives on the heathland with his friends. He usually feels very safe in his heathland home but one day that all changes. Watch the story of 'Sam's Sad Day' to find out more. After watching the story, the children have the opportunity to sequence the story of 'Sam's Sad Day'. There are two versions of this activity, the children can either sequence the pictures alone or they can match the sentences to the correct pictures.

How To Use

This lesson plan will provide information and instruction on how to use the story of 'Sam's Sad Day' as a way of introducing young children to the topic of wildfires.  The two resources referred to in the plan can be found below.  'Resource 1' is the video of the story being narrated by a firefighter and 'Resource 2' is the sequencing activity sheets for the main activity in the lesson.

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