The RoadSense package is designed for delivery within a 1 hour time slot to Yr6 primary school children. The session encourages young people to make independent and sensible choices when using the road. It is designed to give the group topics to think about and then go through an open discussion to reach a solution. This enables a higher level of learning, including comprehension and application as well as knowledge acquisition.

How To Use

By the end of the session the children would be expected to understand the dangers of the road for a pedestrian, cyclist and a passenger in a car. They should be able to explain how they can stay safe when using the roads in different ways. They will be exceeding expectations if they can recall and share the rules and laws associated with road use.

The presentation for this session can be found by clicking on 'Resource 1' below and the quiz that the class can do at the end of the session is 'Resource 2'.

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