Frances the Firefly - Nursery/Foundation Stage


Frances the Firefly is a young firefly who makes a very dangerous mistake. This lesson is designed for very young children to begin to understand the consequences of playing with matches. Share the story and reinforce the safety messages by encouraging the children to complete the colouring sheet.

How To Use

It is never too early to introduce young children to the dangers and consequences of playing with fire. This lesson can be used with nursery and EYFS children to provide them with knowledge that will help to keep them safe as they grow. You will need the Frances the Firefly book and colouring sheet to deliver this fire safety session.

Click on 'Resource 1' to find the storybook.

'Resource 2' is the sheet of images that can be made into stickers or badges for the children to take home after the lesson.

'Resource 3' is the colouring sheet referenced in the lesson plan.

Download Lesson Plan

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