Frances the Firefly - KS1 Comprehension Lesson


The story of Frances the Firefly is an engaging story that will teach children about the dangers of playing with fire. This lesson plan and linked resources provide you with everything you need to deliver a cross-curricular KS1 lesson. It focuses on important PSHE targets in the core theme of 'keeping safe' and will also provide an opportunity to work on reading comprehension skills such as: predicting how a story ends and retelling a story in detail.

How To Use

Use this lesson plan to support delivery of the lesson based around 'Frances the Firefly'. During the lesson you will share the book with the class and engage them in discussions about the characters and their actions in the story. The main activity is a storyboarding exercise and there are 4 levels of challenge available to suit a wide range of abilities and ages.

Click on 'Resource 1' below to find the Frances the Firefly storybook.

'Resource 2' will take you to the storyboard worksheets needed for the main activity in the lesson.

'Resource 3' is the sheet of colour images that can be made into stickers or badges for the children to take away from the lesson as a reminder of their learning.

'Resource 4' is the colouring activity referenced in the lesson plan.

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