Firework Safety


The period between Halloween and Bonfire Night is traditionally extremely busy for the emergency services as the demand for services rises significantly. Over 550 children under 16 are taken to A&E in the four weeks surrounding bonfire night alone, sadly the injuries they sustain are usually highly avoidable. It just takes a slight slip in attention, or a moment of carelessness for something to go badly wrong and cause what could be a potentially serious injury to someone. This lesson plan provides guidance on how to deliver the accompanying 'Firework Safety' presentation which raises awareness of personal safety during the firework season and will offer tips on how to stay safe. Everyone should be able to enjoy celebrating but it is important to do so in a safe and sensible manner.

How To Use

This lesson plan accompanies the 'Firework Safety' lesson which can be found underneath the 'Download Lesson Plan' function below as 'Resource 1'. The presentation can be used during a PSHE session to advise and inform students or there are also additional suggested activities within this lesson plan, which can be used throughout other areas of the curriculum to expand and enhance the puils learning and understanding.

Resource 1 - Firework Safety Presentation

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