After the fire - fire investigation


These activities will show the children a different aspect of the work that firefighters do. They will be shown the importance of investigating how a fire is started so that the fire service can help prevent future fires and teach people to be more aware of potential fire risks. Once the pupils have had a look at causes of fire, they can link this learning back to their knowledge of The Great Fire of London and write an investigation report including their ideas about how the fire started in 1666.

How To Use

Firefighters don't just fight fires, they also need to investigate how they started. With these activities, the children can put themselves into a fire investigator's shoes and try to work out how different fires may have started including the Great Fire of London.

Click on 'Resource 1' below to find fire photographs that can be used to discuss possible causes.  'Resource 2' is a template of a fire report for the children to complete with details they know about the Great Fire of London.

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