Gloucestershire FRS supports Secondary Schools with StayWise arson and hoax call workshops

A group of secondary school pupils participating in the Arson and Hoax Calls sessions.

Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service's safety centre SkillZONE, has been delivering Arson and Hoax Calls assemblies and workshops using the StayWise 'Choices and Consequences' resource.  The sessions have been delivered to a total of 858 young people within two Secondary Schools in Gloucestershire.

Evaluation through teacher surveys highlighted that teachers and practitioners thought the sessions provided "a memorable and powerful experience for young people to help anchor their learning for their future”. Teachers also commented that their students were "definitely more aware of the risks of fire and have learnt strategies to make safer choices”. 

Questionnaire samples following a workshop run at a Secondary School in Cheltenham indicated that 99% of pupils asked thought the lesson was effective and as a result they were able to identify tactics to avoid peer pressure;  they felt more informed about their choices and felt informed about the consequences of hoax calls.