DBS Checks - Fact sheet and legal compliance


A fact sheet outlining how Fire and Rescue Services can be legally compliant when considering work with children and young people.

Not everyone who comes into contact with children and adults at risk is eligible for an Enhanced DBS check. Enhanced DBS checks are primarily required for those working with children and young people. The criteria to follow to ascertain whether a check is required for work in the child or adult workforce is ‘Regulated Activity'. This document defines regulated activity and suggestions considerations for managers when considering the appropriate level of checks required for staff. 

The examples given refer to those members of staff engaged in the delivery of Fire Cadet Programmes but the information presented is applicable to all work undertaken by Fire and Rescue Services with children and young people. 

How To Use

The information in the document should inform decision making and planning for any Fire and Rescue Service workforce engaging children and young people in activities. 

The fact sheet is intended as a summary of information and contains links to applicable additional information that may be required to enable Fire and Rescue Services to make safe and appropriate decisions. 

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