IT13a Fire Safety Quick Links - Identify Fire Hazards in the Home


This resource matrix provides a comprehensive list of all the resources available for delivering sessions about fire hazards in the home.  The resources cover many of the causes of fire in the home including the dangers of matches and lighters and how fire can be used safely.  The document has been developed to provide the user with quick links to each of the resources within the StayWise library.  The resources have been organised into the year groups or key stages of education to make it easier to locate appropriate material for the age of students involved in each session.

This resource matrix provides quick links for one topic. Further quick link documents covering additional aspects of fire safety messaging are linked below. 

How To Use

Use this document to help navigate to the resources needed for each session that you deliver.  Find the relevant year group or key stage and explore the material available quickly and efficiently by using the quick links.



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