Turning Blue for World Drowning Prevention Day

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On Monday 25th July, some of the UK's landmarks went blue to show their support and the StayWise website joined them to show our support for World Drowning Prevention Day.

Drowning is one of the leading causes of death globally for children and young people aged 1-24 years. Every year, an estimated 236,000 people drown.

More than 90% of drowning deaths occur in low - and middle-income countries, with children under the age of five being at the highest risk. These deaths are frequently linked to daily, routine activities, such as bathing, collecting water for domestic use, travelling over water on boats or ferries, and fishing. The impacts of seasonal or extreme weather events – including monsoons – are also a frequent cause of drowning.

Most of these deaths are preventable, through evidence-based, low-cost solutions, such as:

  • installing barriers controlling access to water
  • providing safe places away from water such as crèches for pre-school children with capable childcare
  • teaching swimming, water safety and safe rescue skills
  • training bystanders in safe rescue and resuscitation
  • setting and enforcing safe boating, shipping and ferry regulations
  • improving flood risk management

StayWise has put together a range of water safety education resources for children to support World Drowning Prevention Day and the start of the #RespectTheWater campaign.