Cleveland Fire Brigade leads the way

An image of Cleveland's Rita Richardson

Cleveland Fire Brigade are leading the way with StayWise registrations with an impressive 122 registered users on the StayWise site.

Leading from the top, GM Craig Strike Head of Prevention and Engagement supported all Watch and Crew Mangers to register and navigate the site to identify relevant and useful prevention education resources. Further encouraged by Rita Richardson, also of Cleveland Fire Brigade, crews have integrated StayWise into their prevention activities and, in Rita’s words, “made their lives easier”.

As an in-service champion for StayWise, Rita regularly assists watches and crews by offering support with registration, navigation and implementation of StayWise resources. Cleveland now deliver fun, engaging and appropriate prevention education messaging from StayWise’s 500 available resources as part of station visits as well as out in their communities and schools.

Although now a big advocate for StayWise, Rita has not always felt this way. Her first impressions of StayWise two years ago were not as positive as those she holds currently. The evolution of StayWise functionality as well as the availability of resources has led Rita, and Cleveland, to adopt provision and encourage the use of the site in service and to their school partners.

Cleveland have undergone a refresh of their prevention delivery for schools and now take a risk-led steer on schools delivery. Whilst this identifies those most at risk and ensures engagement with the Brigade, it does mean that schools which are deemed to be low risk may not receive a standard visit from the Fire and Rescue Service. StayWise has helped to maintain positive relationships with those low risk school partners by ensuring quality assured and consistent safety education messaging is still readily available as promoted and signposted to by the Brigade.

The StayWise Team are still working with Cleveland on further developments of StayWise and look forward to working with other Fire and Rescue Services to embed StayWise within their Prevention activities in the future. Please do get in touch on with your success stories or to talk to us about how StayWise could be implemented within your service.