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Detailed narrative and support notes to accompany the story ‘The Birthday Cake Mistake’. Provides differentiated narrative options, comprehension questions and teaching points to add further context to the book.

These notes should be used to deliver the story ‘Know your way out’. They include a full narrative to accompany the story and questions to develop the children’s understanding.

Learn about keeping safe at home by using this crossword to expose the children to key words and safety messages. Two levels of challenge available with clues to solve to find the key words that fit in the crossword.

Keeping safe at the swimming pool is important for children to learn at a young age. This differentiated crossword provides two levels of difficulty and challenges the children to answer questions about water safety to find the words that fit …

Keep safe at the swimming pool by learning important rules and advice. See if you can find the hidden words in the wordsearch and learn more about how to stay safe at the swimming pool.

Keep safe at rivers, canals and lakes by learning some important rules to follow when in and around water. This wordsearch focuses the children’s attention on some of the key words linked to water safety.

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