Literacy reading

The following resources are all items with the above label in Staywise.


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This book is all about Noisy, a very important friend who helps to keep us safe. Read all about how he helps his family.

The main events of the ‘Know Your Way Out’ story can be identified, this activity can be folded into a book to underpin the key messages. You can even tell the story in your own words.

A creative sequencing activity to be completed after reading the story ‘Know Your Way Out’

A set of finger puppets that can be used to re-tell the story ‘The Birthday Cake Mistake’ or even make up your own fire safety story.

These finger puppets can be coloured in and cut out. The puppets are from the fire safety story ‘The Birthday Cake Mistake’.

These notes should be used to deliver the story ‘Know your way out’. They include a full narrative to accompany the story and questions to develop the children’s understanding.

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